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WASHINGTON, D.C.– Leah Still, daughter of NFL defensive lineman, Devon Still, celebrated being cancer-free by hanging out last night with her favorite basketball player: LeBron James.

Devon posted a photo and video on his Instagram page showing his 5-year-old daughter at the game Wednesday night as the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Washington Wizards in the nation’s capitol. They won, 121-115.

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LeBron spoke to ESPN about Leah, “I knew she was going to be there tonight, and her and Zhuri, my baby girl, are my two favorite women in the world. They’re just unbelievable. I know my mom and my wife will be a little bit jealous, but they got to take a backseat to those two. Just her strength and her courage and what she’s been through over the last few years, man, it’s uplifting to all of us, and it’s always great seeing her, for sure.” He also said, “Leah is like a little sister of mine, or maybe she probably wishes I was like a dad to her, too.”

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Devon tweeted on Wednesday that this Friday is Leah’s last cancer treatment. She battled neuroblastoma for more than a year. He also announced that he just signed a contract to play for the Houston Texans.

” I would say this week is a good week!
I told myself from day one with Leah’s diagnosis I would give her my all and sacrifice my career because if I lost her to cancer I could never get her back but if I lost football, given the right opportunity, I could get it back. Thanks to the Texans for giving me that opportunity!”