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LORAIN, Ohio– A community on high alert after an officer said a crowd formed and threatened him as he was trying to make an arrest.

Police and community leaders said the are grateful that the officer handled the situation so carefully, saying Sunday’s incident could have turned deadly.

“There were 10 to 14 people in front of him,” said Matthew Wright.  He said he is still bothered by what happened early Sunday morning, right outside his front door on West 19th Court in Lorain.

First he said heard gunshots and then saw a man was shot in the leg.  He called 911, but he said after police arrived, things got worse.

Lorain police said a crowd formed around the officer and someone in the crowd ordered them to charge the officer. “They were arguing, ” Wright said.

The officer pulled out his gun and held the group back until additional police arrived.  The officer was not hurt, but the suspect in the shooting got away.

On Tuesday Lorain officials met to discuss the issue. Police and city leaders said they will be meeting with the community to make sure it doesn’t happen again. “I find it alarming,” said Pastor Timothy Williams .

Lorain Police Captain Roger Watkins said he is thankful the incident did not turn deadly.

Watkins told Fox 8 the suspect involved in the shooting  surrendered to officers Tuesday and is expected to be charged with felonious assault.