Lawn care confrontation: Police say teen stabbed over grass clippings

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AKRON– Kelly Zimmerman said she and her long-time friend, John Fenwick, 70, were already unhappy with the teenage landscaping crew hired by their landlord to cut the grass at their Akron duplex from previous visits.

Both were unhappy about the work that was being done and said that resulted in several unpleasant confrontations.

Zimmerman says she phoned several complaints to their landlord trying to get something done.

But on their landscaper’s last visit, things were even worse. “I’d rather do the lawn myself,” said Zimmerman, who said she told their landlord that she didn’t want them back on the property.

“And that’s what upset me this last time. On top of not doing his job and this that and the other, I told him to get off the property and he didn’t want to leave,” said Zimmerman.

“When they are mowing the grass, they are running over toys and stuff in the yard and on this particular night, apparently the 70-year-old male had his windows down on his truck while they were mowing the grass and the grass clippings were on the truck and some went inside of the truck,” said Akron Police Lieutenant Rick Edwards.

Zimmerman said on their last visit she was the first to complain.

She said the three teens went to their truck which was parked on the street and after they addressed her using a vulgar word, Fenwick, who she calls ‘Pat’, also came out to complain.

“He (a 19-year-old landscaper) got into the truck and Pat went to the truck and Pat was yelling at him and then the next thing I know, he had Pat on the ground, hitting him,” said Zimmerman.

Police said the teens reported that Fenwick reached into the landscaper’s truck and stabbed Anthony Cambria, 19, of Tallmadge in the arm.

“After the 19-year-old was stabbed, he jumped out of the truck and tackled the 70-year-old male and punched him a couple of times, tried to hold him down until police got there, but apparently they were separated when we did arrive,” said Edwards.

Police arrested Fenwick and charged him with felonious assault.

“He’s not a violent person; he’s just not,” Zimmerman told FOX 8, saying Fenwick is also a retired Navy Seal.

“I mean he’s got a temper, but he holds it in. He doesn’t usually go off on somebody,” she explained.

None of the teenagers could be reached for comment.

Cambria was taken to a local hospital by his father and treated for a minor injury.

His father told FOX 8 News that he was back to work on Monday.

Fenwick was being held on Monday in the Summit County Jail on $25,000 bond.​

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