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**PLEASE NOTE: This story is from August, 2016**

SANDUSKY, Ohio — The Top Thrill Dragster ride at Cedar Point is closed Monday after a launch cable became detached during operations Sunday night.

Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark says it happened around 10:30 p.m.

After the incident, two guests were taken to first aid for evaluation. They were released and then returned to the park.

“The ride will undergo a complete and thorough inspection today, and is expected to reopen tomorrow.  As always, the safety of our guests and associates is our number one priority.”

According to Cedar Point’s website, the Top Thrill Dragster goes from zero to 120 miles per hour in less than four seconds. From a “standing start,” riders are launched forward then straight up and straight down, then back to the finish line.

Back in 2014, the Skyhawk was closed at the park after a cable on one of the ride’s carriages disconnected. The cable came in contact with two guests. One was treated at the scene and released. The other guest was taken to the hospital for evaluation but was treated and released.