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CLEVELAND (WJW) — It’s Thanksgiving! If you haven’t started thawing out your turkey now, you could be in trouble, but for most other traditional side dishes, there is still hope.

In case you’re looking for last-minute recipe ideas, FOX 8 News has you covered. The following are delicious dishes have been featured on our morning show over the years. Enjoy!

Side: Stefani Schaefer’s family stuffing

Passed down through the generations, this is family-favorite on the FOX 8 anchor’s holiday table. Stuffed with turkey and bread and spices, it could be a favorite for you as well. Find the full recipe here.

Side: Corn Pudding

Looking for another veggie dish to add to the table? Lee Ann Miller’s sweet and buttery family recipe could be just the right idea. Find the full recipe here.

Side: Make-ahead twice-baked mashed potatoes

You can make these tonight and just heat up tomorrow. This recipe by Chef Stacey Stoudemire, of Simply Elegant Catering, in honor of Lewis B. Dorcas, has sour cream, cream cheese and cheddar cheese. We don’t have to say any more. Find the recipe here.

Appetizer: Sweet and salty butter board

Yes, a butter board, which features doctored up butters to dip you bread in. Find out more about this TikTok trend, via Lee Ann Miller, right here.

Dessert: Easy pumpkin pie parfait

Who has time to make a whole pie this year? Instead try whipping up this beautiful parfait that includes all those same ingredients but cuts down on all the stress, as suggested by Vegan Vicki, chef and owner of Koncious Kuisine. Find the recipe here.

Turkey tips!

This is assuming your turkey is all thawed out and ready to rock, of course, Chef Brandon Chrostowski has all the tips for you to have the best bird out there.