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(WJW) – Many in Northeast Ohio have noticed a hazy sunset in recent weeks due to a “large swirl of smoke” from wildfires burning across western Canada. 

As of Sunday, there were 86 active wildfires burning in Alberta, 89 active wildfires burning in British Columbia, and 27 active wildfires burning in Saskatchewan, according to official dashboards.

According to Fox 8 Meteorologist Dontae Jones, about 150 wildfires are blazing in the western Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. As the smoke rises into the air, the fine particulates go into the atmosphere and are at the mercy of the wind.

Until the wildfires are under control and depending on the path of the winds, we will still be able to the hazy sunsets.

Check out the attached video to see the large swirl of smoke above the Northern United States.