CLEVELAND (WJW) – A water main break at the corner of Ontario Street and St. Clair Avenue is causing headaches and concern for downtown residents.

The hole, which is about the size of a semi-trailer, opened on Sunday morning after a plug at the end of a 10-inch main gave way. Cleveland Water said it could have been caused by nearby utility work.

Residents were surprised to see the damage today after the water rescinded.

“This is going to be a huge hinderance for traffic, I think, until it’s put together, but what can you do, you know?” downtown resident Don Griesmer said.

Many people who work in the area stopped by to take pictures and watch the crews as they worked to secure and clean up the site.

 “It looks like it’s going to take a while to fix,” Phil Novak said. “I can’t see that being done any time soon.”

Nearby residents said the water to their building was off yesterday, but it since has been restored. Cleveland Water said it is safe to drink.

Several residents stated it’s been a bit of a headache, but they aren’t concerned about further holes opening up. They are pleased with how quickly the city is working to make repairs.

“I mean, being such close proximity to it, and especially driving and everything, I just hope it gets fixed as quickly as possible,” nearby resident Molly Schmidt said. 

There is a temporary ban on parking near the justice center for the immediate future while the initial work is being done.