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NAVARRE, Ohio — Tiger, cougar or something else?

Some Stark County residents are wondering if they will encounter what police are calling a ‘large cat’ that was spotted on Friday.

The discovery caused a several hours-long search in a wooded area, just after 4 p.m.

Stark County sheriff’s deputies, along with Navarre police and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources personnel were searching the 9000 block of Elton Street SW.

“This was all surrounded by different types of emergency vehicles,” said neighbor Candace Murphy.  “I was coming down 21 and saw the chopper,” she went on.”

Steven Grimes, of Navarre, has his own opinion of what may have been lurking in the woods.

“I think it was a bobcat, because those are around here, so that wouldn’t surprise me
if somebody saw that,” he said.

Whatever the animal was, it hasn’t shown its face again.

Authorities in Navarre searched on the ground and in the air on Friday, with no luck.

“We’ve got outside cats, outside horses, we’ve got a miniature that probably
a cougar that would be bigger than the horses are, so we were worried about that,” Grimes said.

Several neighbors are keeping their porch lights on and plan to notify police if they see anything suspicious.

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