LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – As people across Northeast Ohio continue to dig out from this winter’s first big snowfall, some communities are reminding residents to clear their sidewalks.

Days after the storm, some Lakewood sidewalks remained snow-covered Thursday, making them difficult for pedestrians to navigate and forcing some to walk in the streets.

Lakewood code requires property owners to clear sidewalks by 8 p.m. following a snowfall.

“We don’t want anybody falling and tripping and hurting themselves,” Mayor Meghan George said.

George said the city’s building department checks sidewalks in neighborhoods and business districts after any 2-inch or greater snowfall.

This week, the city left door tag notices at more than 140 properties, notifying owners they had 24 hours to clear the walkways.

“Lakewood is such a great community, it’s a walkable community. It’s one of the only communities in the state where we have children walking to school, so those sidewalks really need to be clear so kids aren’t walking in the street. So, it’s really a safety issue,” George said.

According to city code, violators can potentially face a minor misdemeanor citation and up to a $150 fine. However, George said city officials could not recall a time anyone has been prosecuted.

She said the city experiences about a 65% compliance rate when notices are given.

“In 25 years, we’ve never prosecuted anyone for this. We don’t want to be the sidewalk police. We just want voluntary compliance,” George said.

George said anyone who needs help shoveling can call city hall or the nonprofit Lakewood Alive to connect with resources.

This week, Lakewood Alive volunteers helped clear more than 70 sidewalks and driveways.