LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) — In the spring of 2021, two shooting incidents at Lakewood’s Madison Park left some residents worried about the level of safety in their city.

Nearly two years later, a grant program has been awarded to Lakewood police which will focus on making sure their community feels safe, especially at the park.

An estimated $217,000 will be used to purchase multiple surveillance cameras and license plate readers. Both are tools that Lakewood Police Capt. Gary Stone said will give the police force a huge advantage.

“If there are any problems, we can see what is going on there. We also have the ability to record and watch back. But especially, when we are on our way to something, we can see what is going on before we get there,” he said. 

Lakewood police have been paying officers overtime to patrol their parks in the aftermath of the 2021 Madison Park shootings. This grant money will also go towards making sure that effort continues.

“It adds safety to our community where officers are not going from call to call. It gives them the time to go, interact with people and make our community safer,” said Stone.

Stone believes this program will provide added safety to their city for years to come — an effort that he feels is critical in making sure the community feels proud and safe to call Lakewood home.

“It’s important to feel safe. Lakewood is a safe community, and this will add to the feeling of safety,” added Stone.