LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – There hasn’t been very much snow in Lakewood so far this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming.

To be better equipped for snow events, the City of Lakewood is introducing a new snow and ice removal plan.

“Snow operations have always been a priority for the City of Lakewood,” Mayor Meghan George said. “The city has never had a public facing snow and ice control plan, so this is a first for our community where community members can look at the document, as well as city staff, and to see what our snow operations plan looks like.”

George said the city is piloting a new program that provides free sidewalk salt for residents.

“We’re a walking community, and we’re the densest community in the state of Ohio, so it’s very important to make sure that our sidewalks are free and clear of snow so that our school children can walk to school, but also disabled or seniors or anyone is able to traverse the city during a snow event,” she said.

The salt can be picked up at five locations across the city: Madison Park North Parking Lot, Lakewood Park Skate House, Cove Park, Kauffman Park and Lakewood Dog Park.

The program is for residents only.

Lakewood is also beefing up its fleet to clear the roadways.

“We’re attaching plows to some of our smaller city vehicles, which enable us to enhance our fleet during a storm,” George said.

Mayor George said the city has also updated signage, as well as ensured proper staffing over the holidays.

She’s hopeful these changes will be beneficial for residents, encouraging them to remember to help their neighbors when needed.

“What’s great about our community is we always have neighbors helping neighbors,” George said. “So, if you have a senior next to you or someone who is disabled, please help them out. But that’s what the Lakewood community does. We’re a close, tight-knit community and we’ve historically been known to help each other out.”

The complete 2022-23 Lakewood snow and ice plan can be found here.