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LAKEWOOD, OHIO – A Lakewood family got some good news as they learned that they will be able to keep their pit bull, who serves as a companion to their 4-year-old daughter.

Aleeah Williams has cystic fibrosis, which  requires her to undergo treatments using a compression vest and a breathing machine. The family pet, a pit bull named Scrappy, sits by her side during all her treatments. But Scrappy is not a trained service animal and is therefore was subject to a 2008 Lakewood law stating that “all pit bull dogs and canary dogs are deemed to be dangerous animals,” which are banned.

Aleeah’s family asked the city of Lakewood to make an exception in their case. On Tuesday, city council decided that Aleeah and Scrappy could remain together.

Darwin Dogs, a dog training company, took up the family’s cause and helped in their quest to keep Scrappy:

The Williams’ will have to muzzle Scrappy if they take him off of their property, and must fix their fence to prevent him from getting out, but they do not have to purchase extra insurance.

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