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LAKE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — Lake County Sheriff Frank Leonbruno posted a scam warning on Monday. He said these types of scams are becoming more and more convincing.

On Monday, a sergeant took a report from someone in the area who was told she missed her date to appear for jury duty. The person was told the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has a warrant for her arrest. According to Sheriff’s Leonbruno’s Facebook post, the woman was told she had to pay $1,800 for bond or she would be arrested and put in jail.

She was told she needed to get a cash card to pay bond. “The person told her to stay on the line with them while she did this and that if she hung up she would be arrested,” the sheriff’s post stated.

Thankfully, what happened next saved the woman from being scammed. The woman went to the drugstore where an employee told her she was being scammed. “Kudos to a very alert customer service professional!” Sheriff Leonbruno wrote.

The sheriff wants everyone in the area to be aware of this scam. He also included the new recording you get when you call the number provided for the sheriff’s office that “attempts to give legitimacy to their threat of an arrest warrant. We share it so that you can hear the lengths they go to in order to scam you out of your money.”

The sheriff said never follow the directives of these types of calls. “We will not call you and tell you there is a warrant for your arrest. We will show up and we will arrest you when such a warrant exists. We do not ask for money over the phone, nor we will ask for money if we were to come to your home.”

If you have questions, call the sheriff’s office at (440)350-5620 or call your local police department.