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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WJW) – The North Olmsted Police Department arrested two people on animal cruelty charges following a report of kittens locked in a hot car.

Police responded to Motel 6 on Lorain Rd. on August 21.

According to the caller, 5 kittens had been put inside a tote bucket with a lid, then placed in a parked car with the windows up.

The caller told police 1 of the kittens had already died when the officer arrived.

According to a police report, the temperature inside the car would have been around 125 degrees at the time of the call.

The officer who responded to the scene said he heard several kittens meowing in distress.

He saw a tote bucket with a lid in the driver’s seat. Placed on top was a full laundry basket.

The officer got into the vehicle and found the kittens in the tote.

He found 4 small kittens, around 2 weeks old.

According to the report, the officer put the kittens in his police cruiser.

At that time, the people believed responsible for the kittens began to arrive back on the motel property.

They were identified as Cassidy Glyde and Robbie Naylor.

They told police they locked the kittens in the car so they could walk to a Burger King.

Both were placed under arrest for animal cruelty.

The kittens were taken to the police department for further care.

One kitten died, according to the police.

Dispatchers have adopted the other 3 kittens.

Police say Naylor had several warrants out for his arrest.

They’re due in court tomorrow.