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Khloe Kardashian gushed about her relationship with Tristan Thompson and her domestic life in Cleveland during an episode of “The Talk” this week.

Kardashian has been dating the Cleveland Cavaliers player since last fall and has been spending a lot of time in Cleveland.

She said of her relationship that she’s “in a really good place. I feel really happy and secure, and I’m just in a really positive, healthy relationship.”

She said she loves Cleveland.

“Everyone is so nice there,” she said. “It’s a normal routine life. I love to cook, so I get to cook dinner every day. It’s — this home, family thing that I’ve been craving that I get to have in Cleveland.”

And despite how Clevelanders might feel about snow, Kardashian loves it.

“I love that it snows,” she said. “I spent Christmas there and it was — snow. I’m not used to that. I’m born and raised in California, so everyone thinks I’m crazy for loving the snow. I’m like, ‘It’s snowing! This is so fun!’ and he’s like, ‘No you’re going to get over it in one year.’ But I love it.”

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