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KENTUCKY — Authorities in Kentucky say the bullet that killed a Mansfield mother during a shoot-out with police came from the gun of the man who kidnapped her from an Ohio college campus earlier this week.

Skylar Williams was allegedly abducted by Ty’rell Pounds on the Ohio State University Mansfield campus Monday.

Several hours after the abduction, police in Kentucky were called regarding a distressed female at a gas station who appeared to be asking for help. After police spotted their vehicle, a pursuit ensued.

At one point during the chase, the suspect’s vehicle exited the interstate. Before he could get back on the interstate, troopers blocked the ramp to keep him from endangering other drivers.

They attempted a ‘pit maneuver’ to stop him. Trooper Joey Brown caused the van to turn 180 degrees during the operation. He looked inside the vehicle and saw Pounds with a firearm.

He notified other officers of the gun and then shot Pounds several times. Authorities say Pounds was wearing a bullet proof vest. He died at the scene.

After the shooting, Brown located Williams, who had a gunshot wound. He attempted first aid to help her, but she later died at the hospital. She’d been shot in the left shoulder, according to police.

“The trooper did everything in his power to save her life,” said Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rick Sanders.

Sanders said one to two shots came from Pounds’ gun. It’s not clear if the shots were fired before or during the shoot-out. They believe it was Pounds’ intention to kill Williams and then himself.

Sanders said Brown is an “exemplary” trooper. He is currently on administrative leave, which is standard after such incidents.

Williams was the mother of Pounds’ child.

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