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KENT, Ohio — After a record number of water rescues on the Cuyahoga River, firefighters in Kent are urging people to respect the river and use good judgement if the choose to go out on the river.


In just the past six months they have responded to 24 water rescues on the river, where ordinarily they only have six in one year.

On Sunday firefighters returned to the area where most of those rescues have taken place.

The latest rescue occurred on Friday when a swimmer got caught in the current and swept into an island at sunset.

Rescuers said while the circumstances involving each of the 24 rescues have been different, the one thing in common is that most, if not all of the rescues, could have been avoided.

“I think the most important thing is to have the proper equipment and be trained in it — understand your equipment, be trained in it and make sure you are going at times that are advisable too,” said Kent Fire Captain Bill Myers.

Firefighters suggest kayakers should have life vests and helmets if they plan to navigate the rapids near the main street bridge in Kent.

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