(WJW) – While giving a shoutout to “The amazing woman shaping the NFL,” at the NFL Honors in Phoenix, Arizona, show host and singer Kelly Clarkson didn’t miss a beat shouting out Donna Kelce for her contribution.

Donna Kelce is the mother of the first brothers to face each other in the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason Kelce is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Of course, the woman who single-handedly made this year’s Super Bowl even possible, Donna Kelce and her ovaries!” Clarkson joked while on stage.

Clarkson told Donna that, because she is a mom too, she knows what it’s like to feel nervous for your child. 

But Clarkson did not miss the opportunity to “roast” the Kelce brothers while giving their mom a shoutout.

“Mrs. Kelce, I’m sure you’re very nervous (about Sunday), I’m a mom, I get it,” Clarkson said. “But I have to say, after seeing the size of your two sons’ heads, I think you can handle anything.”

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