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** Video in the player above is courtesy of Pottsville Arkansas Police Department via Storyful

POTTSVILLE, Ark. — A passenger who fled an Arkansas traffic stop on foot seemingly hadn’t done anything wrong. Maybe he just “felt like running,” social media denizens wondered.

Officers in Pottsville, Arkansas, posted the unusual dashboard camera footage of the Oct. 30 traffic stop to social media, comparing the man’s running gait to Tom Hanks’ portrayal of “Forrest Gump.”

“Keep running,” the deputy called out after the man had sprinted several dozen yards into a nearby field. The officer didn’t chase the man.

Before beating feet, the runner tossed a black bag into the roadway, but it didn’t contain anything illegal. The driver received a warning during the traffic stop.

“When you got things to do and don’t have time to wait but get stopped on Pine Ridge Road?!” reads the video’s caption on Facebook.

Police said they aren’t searching for the man. And as to why he ran in the first place: “We don’t know but it does seem like a good day to bundle up and watch Forrest Gump,” the post reads.

In the 1994 film, Tom Hanks’ titular character one day begins a cross-country run that continues for years. When asked by a reporter for the reason, Gump says, “I just felt like running.”