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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WJW)– A kayaker’s camera was rolling as he discovered a deer about 2 miles out in Lake Erie.

“It was such a great day, the lake was practically like a pond,” Donn Nottage said.

Nottage, along with Eric Tischler and Charlie Nergelovic, were kayaking Tuesday afternoon near Rocky River Park when they spotted the animal. According to Nottage, the deer kept swimming north, out farther into the lake.

“I was astounded that animal could survive with its head above water for that amount of time. To get out there was 2 miles alone. He would have drowned,” Nottage said.

So the trio decided to intercept the animal and bring it back to shore.

“We start corralling it and then jet skis show up. They are loud, they are noisy.  The deer was getting freaked out again,” Tischler said.

A while later, they were able to get the deer closer to the beach. Eventually, it got back on land, safe and sound.

“I’m just glad we were there in the right spot and luckily, we got him turned around,” Tischler said.