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HUDSON, Ohio (WJW) – Having children is a beautiful blessing.

For many, though, getting pregnant is extremely difficult.

Fifteen percent of the population faces infertility issues.

One in seven people is dealing with it.

There is one couple in Northeast Ohio who is helping those affected by it because they know the struggle all too well. That’s the Kauligs.

From fast cars, to successful businesses, to endless charities, Matt and Lisa Kaulig are a golden couple in Northeast Ohio. But just because their life looks fabulous, doesn’t mean everything has always come easy to them. That includes their beautiful daughter, Samantha.

“She is an amazing kid,” said Lisa Kaulig, the founder of Samantha’s Gift of Hope. “She’s funny and sweet and compassionate and talented.”

Matt and Lisa were married in 1998 and tried to start having kids in 2001, but things didn’t go as planned. They had to do three rounds of In vitro fertilization.

“IVF in and of itself is super demanding,” said Lisa Kaulig. “It is physically, emotionally, and mentally tough. You’re taking medications, you’re giving yourself shots you’re going in for ultrasounds.”

Matt Kaulig says constant questions and comments from people make the process even harder. “That whole thing people say ‘when are you going to have kids and you say ‘we’ll see’ but the reality is we’ve been trying for years and cut us a break because it’s really hard and she’s going to start crying and we’re trying,” Matt Kaulig said.

Finally, their third round of IVF gave them Samantha in 2007. She became the inspiration for Samantha’s Gift of Hope. The Kauligs give a $25,000 grant to four couples a year. The couples have to be part of Reproductive Gynecology and Infertility’s IVF 100% Success Guaranteed Plan in the Northeast Ohio office locations. They have to apply and write essays to the Kauligs. Lisa reads through every essay and chooses the couples.

The Kauligs say the pain of not getting pregnant is emotionally taxing, but on top of that, it’s also financially straining.

“I know going through IVF how expensive it can be,” said Lisa Kaulig. “That is oftentimes a barrier to even try.”

Matt agreed. “We’ve been blessed in business and our financial situation. It makes us sad that there are couples out there who want to have a baby and the only reason they can’t is because they can’t afford it.”

Joani and Jason Boggs were selected for Samantha’s Gift of Hope.

“It’s huge and we couldn’t believe it,” said Joani Boggs. “I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that somebody would do something like that for us.”

The Boggs are now blessed with happy and healthy baby Dylan. But it took them eight years of trying to get pregnant. They eventually applied to Samantha’s Gift of Hope and were chosen by Matt and Lisa, who paid for them to go through IVF.

“To not have to worry about that is unbelievable,” said Jason Boggs.

“It trickles down too,” his wife Joani added. “It’s not just that the grant covers the IVF cost but now we’re not in debt trying to have a family.”

Dylan is just one of the beautiful babies brought into this world thanks to Samantha’s Gift of Hope. To date, eight babies have been born, three couples are pregnant and two couples are going through the IVF process.

“Every time I see my bank account I think of them,” Joani Boggs said. “Every time I see Dylan, I think of them.”

Even though the Kauligs can’t help every couple out there struggling, they do want everyone going through this to remember to have hope.

“You’re not alone and there are so many people dealing with this no matter what the reason may be,” said Lisa Kaulig. “Sometimes it just takes figuring out what it is for you to be successful.”

Apply for Samantha’s Gift of Hope here.