KIRTLAND, OHIO (WJW) – Kirtland firefighters came to the rescue of a bride and groom’s wedding after the venue was nearly flooded just an hour before celebrations were set to start. 

“You never know what the day is going to bring – from saving a duck out of a manhole to saving a wedding,” said Firefighter and Paramedic Matt Killeen.

Friday, crews responded to a call of black smoke at the Moreland Mansion. Once on scene, crews found no fire or smoke, only water coming from the interior sprinkler pouring onto the floor below.

Kirtland Fire Chief Tony Hutton said crews quickly shut off the system. He noticed a group of well-dressed visibly worried evacuees who informed him a wedding and reception was set to begin with little time to spare.

“They were all pretty frantic, almost in panic mode that this wedding was going to take place,” said Hutton. “We all looked at each other, and we said we can do this.”

Accustomed to saving the day, why not save a wedding? Firefighters grabbed towels, wet dry vacuums, and mops to quickly help clean up the mess. Finishing with just 15 minutes to spare before celebrations were planned to begin.

“We were glad we could help them too we see all kinds of different things, and it was nice to help them out and make their day special the way it should have been,” said Killeen.

A portion of the venue was blocked off during the event as a safety precaution. Hutton said the bride and groom were grateful their big day was able to continue as planned.

Rescuing people, in this case, a wedding, apparently all in the day’s work of a busy firefighter.

“All the firefighters in this, they came together, solved a problem that could have really ruined the start of a life of a couple,” said Hutton. “It’s just what we do in the fire department.”

Eastlake, Mentor, Willoughby and Willoughby Hills fire crews also assisted with efforts.