CLEVELAND (WJW) – A business owner at Put-In-Bay dropped everything he was doing and flew to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees at the border. He started handing out $100 bills to families.

Paul Jeris is a business owner on Put-In-Bay who is using his own personal money to help complete strangers who just escaped war.

He paused his entire life and flew to Poland by himself on Wednesday. He made it to the border of Ukraine and started documenting it on his phone.

“You see every single emotion that you could ever imagine,” Jeris said. “You see fear, you see happiness that they’re there, you see kids who are playing soccer in the middle, concerned mothers.”

But Jeris isn’t there to watch, he’s there to help.

“I’m able bodied,” he said. “I can help, I can carry things, I can work. I can do whatever, I just want to make a difference.”

Jeris said at first his goal was to pass out $100 dollar bills to families. His own money. But then it turned into more. Giving people car rides, blankets, hugs. Jeris is polish and said he felt the need to help.

“The thought of my sister and nieces and nephews and the people I love getting kicked out of their country and walking across the border and having no one to be there breaks my heart,” he said.

Anastasia and Diana are two refugees who fled Ukraine, having to leave many family members behind. Friday after a 25-hour journey from Kyiv, they knocked on Jeris’ car door while he was sleeping.

“We were scared, tired and we didn’t know what to do because we didn’t know where we were going,” Anastasia said.

Jeris immediately offered to help. He took them to McDonald’s for food and then drove them to the train station.

“He was so kind,” Anastasia said. “Unbelievably kind. I’ve never seen people like this. They just want to help. Just help and nothing else.”

“The next day they called me and they said ‘no one should sleep in their car,’” Jeris said. “I thought, ‘My God there are two girls who came as refugees and they’re worried about me sleeping in my car?’ It’s amazing.”

But they now say the meeting was supposed to happen. Since many of the refugees are afraid to accept help and money from strangers, the women are helping translate and helping deliver Jeris’ money to families. On Sunday night they passed out $6,000 to 60 families.

Extremely strong women, helping an incredible man. But don’t tell Jeris he’s incredible.

“I’m not incredible,” said Jeris. “The people of Ukraine are incredible and the Polish workers are incredible. The aid groups are incredible. I’m just one-one millionth of a part of that.”

Jeris said so many people from back home started sending him money to give to the refugees. He says that’s amazing but he can’t take it because it’s too difficult to get it back and forth from Warsaw to the border. Instead he said there are some big charities set up at the border where people can donate.