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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WJW) — A North Olmsted family of five will soon become nine thanks to a foster care journey that began years ago.

“There are so many kids in our backyard. … They are not living in safe environments and there are so many families. More importantly, they just need support,” said Meredith Beavers.

The Beavers became a foster family in 2017 and are preparing to open their home once again, this time to four children.

“Our first placement was two special kids and we had them for about three years,” said Beavers. “They went to go live in a home with their sisters and this was three years ago, and we have an opportunity to bring all four of them into our home in the next couple weeks.”

In order to prepare for their expanding family, the Beavers will host a yard sale fundraiser this weekend on Martin Drive.

The fundraiser will feature personal and community-donated items, including baby and children products, tools, home decorations and some furniture, to help with the purchase of a vehicle big enough for the family to travel together.

“Something really important to us is having a vehicle big enough to fit our whole family of nine people,” said Beavers. “You know, to be able to go to church together on a Sunday or to be able to go camping.”

Beavers said they will soon have children in their home ranging from first- through eighth grade.

“They love to love, so this is a great way for everyone to show that support to them, love on them — a great cause,” said Tynisha Boon, who helped organize the fundraiser.

The family said they are leaning on their faith during this period of growth.

“It’s scary to grow our family by so many, but God continues to open doors for us in all of this,” said Beavers. “We’re confident that we’re on the right path and he’s just kind of paving the way.”