CANTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – A 24-year-old woman is facing eight misdemeanor counts in Stark County after 47 animals were found without proper access to food and water at her home business.

“Seeing that the animals were completely deteriorating from that is just devastating,” Stark County Humane Society (SCHS) Executive Director Jackie Godbey said.

Godbey said her staff and officers were shocked by what they saw.

“Twenty dogs, 18 cats and unfortunately four deceased animals,” she said.

The four dead animals are believed to be cats, but nothing was left but fur and bones as they had been decomposing for some time.

Now the emaciated animals are being nursed back to health.

“Right now, some of them are still in need of vet care,” Godbey said. “We still have one guy at Humble Creatures receiving around the clock vet care – the other three of four have been returned to us so that we can take care of them here with the other dogs and cats.”

The woman in question of the operation is Tanesha Lynn Gray, who is being charged with eight counts of prohibitions concerning companion animals by the Canton Municipal Courts and Stark County Sheriff’s Office.

Her social media pages for ‘Punkin Pet Rescue’ have been taken down.

Godbey says the worst part of the whole ordeal is the violation of trust between pet owners and the woman in question.

“She was receiving money,” Godbey said. “I don’t know to what extent or how much she was charging or anything like that, or if people were just donating. It’s the fact that she took the kindness of others and let it go to death.”

Godbey is hopeful they can take this heartbreaking story and make it heartwarming once the animals are cleared for adoption.

“The day that the Canton Prosecutor and Canton Courts say they’re okay to release for adoption, we’re going to have a celebration,” Godbey said. “They’re beautiful dogs and cats. Well, they all are, but these ones tie it at your heart because they had to have some stamina to make it through these conditions. Just follow us on Facebook and we’ll keep everyone updated as much as we can because this is a heart-wrenching story.”