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CLEVELAND – Remember a few weeks ago, when new Browns player  Damarious Randall  told the world that he’d buy a jersey for everyone who retweeted him if the Cavs won the NBA Finals? (Randall is a Steph Curry and Golden State Warrior fan and Cavs fans slammed him for tweeting, “I’m glad the Cavs made it to the finals so I can watch Curry light that b*&@# up Game 3 & 4.”)

Then, another Browns player, the recently retired and much beloved Joe Thomas, decided to go one step further than Randall,  saying; “I’m so confident in my Cavs, if the Warriors win the 2018 NBA Finals, I’ll buy anyone who retweets this a signed @StephenCurry30 gameworn jersey. Even you @RandallTime. @KingJames.”

We all know how that series came out.

Joe released his game plan to get the 285,000 jerseys out to all those retweeters. And it’s quite simple really. He has asked Amazon to shut down for a while to take over the shipping, he has asked Bill Gates for the $1.5 billion it will take to buy the jerseys and has contacted NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for every NBA jersey worn in the past 5 years.

After that, all the retweeters must do is…….wait for it……..head to his podcast, The Thomahawk Show by UNINTERRUPTED (on iTunes), give it a 5 star rating, screenshot it and give him their address.

Easy, right?

Leave it to Joe to make us all laugh a bit after the Cavs loss. We’ll let you know when Besoz, Gates and Silver get back to him.