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CLEVELAND, Ohio — The backlash has been brutal for a woman who runs a Yahoo! group for job seekers in Northeast Ohio.

Kelly Blazek sent an email that went viral, and now she’s issuing an apology.

“I never received an email like that from anyone, and it really made me mad,” said Rick Uldricks.

Uldricks recently asked for permission to access the Cleveland Job Bank with thousands of members after learning he was suddenly kicked out.

He got a response from Blazek that reads, in part: “People are removed from my list for spamming me, for annoying me (you’re doing a great job), and perhaps you were removed on purpose…I suggest you sign up for the other job bank in town. Oh, guess what — there isn’t one. Done with this conversation, and you.”

**Read a full email from Blazek to Uldricks at the bottom of this page**

Uldricks isn’t the only one with a similar email from Blazek. It was revealed this week that a woman trying to move home to Cleveland from the Rochester area got a similar response when she asked for access to the group.

Blazek wrote her, in part: “Your invite to connect is inappropriate, beneficial only to you, and tacky…I love the sense of entitlement in your generation…Don’t ever write me again.”

“It’s unfortunate, it’s bad,” said Uldricks. “Obviously, Cleveland wants to retain young talent and attract young talent, and this doesn’t help.”

The online response has been overwhelmingly negative toward Blazek, who never responded to FOX 8 News.

She has deleted several online accounts and in her apology to Uldricks, she wrote: “I sincerely apologize for the harsh words and unprofessional, unwarranted actions in my response to you. I should have lent a hand, as well as hope, and I failed at that. You and many others, both strangers and colleagues, have reminded me that my personal journey in humility and gentleness is far from complete. I wish you all the best in your job search.”

Uldricks, who is on Twitter as @rickuldricks and @lkwdcitizen, accepted the apology and along with the emailer from Chicago, they’re both ready to move forward.

Blazek was even honored as the 2013 Communicator of the Year by the International Association of Business Communicators in Cleveland. In a statement to FOX 8 News, a spokeswoman said Blazek was not a member of the group and only received the honor.

According to the spokeswoman, “the board of IABC Cleveland is aware of the situation and reviewing it.”