(WJW) — Jimmy Buffett‘s daughter, Delaney, has written and shared a tribute to her father who passed away Sept.1 at 76 years old.

“In his final days, I saw who he was: a man whose spirit could not be broken,” Delaney wrote about her dad in a post on social media.

In her post, which you can read here on Delaney’s Instagram page, she thanked her dad’s medical staff:

“To those who took care of my dad at home and in the hospital, I want to thank you for giving us more time together. I am eternally grateful,” she said.

*Delaney Buffett, from left, Jimmy Buffett and his wife Jane Buffett are seen here in 2018*

Over the weekend, an update was posted to Jimmy Buffett’s official website informing his fans that he died from Merkel cell carcinoma, a rare form of skin cancer and that he was treated for the disease for four years.

“Despite the pain, he smiled everyday,” Delaney wrote.

She ended her tribute to her dad by writing: “I will never be able to repay you or my mom for my beautiful life. I will love you forever and I will always keep the party going…responsibly of course.”