CLEVELAND (WJW) – If you’re looking for a little action and adventure while checking out the Cleveland Auto Show, Camp Jeep is the place to be.

Professional drivers take you over bumps, up and down steep inclines and even sideways to give you a real feel for how Jeeps handle off road obstacles.

“It’s one of those things that not a lot of manufacturers have the ability to do,” Fred Martin Superstore Operations Director Cody Huff said. “We’re lucky enough to have it right here in Cleveland, Ohio, where we can have customers ride and drive tons of different vehicles, see their capabilities. It’s something fun that’s different than just going and walking around different vehicles.”

Huff says there’s a lot to look at and love about Jeep’s new lineup of vehicles, but the crown jewel of their display at the auto show is the Grand Cherokee 4Xe.

“The new Grand Cherokee really broke the mold of luxury and capabilities of a vehicle,” Huff said. “You can go on road, you can go off-road and still be wrapped in leather and have all the amenities of a super luxurious vehicle. They’ve now added the electricity to it which has more power than the standard V6 engine that used to come in the vehicles.”

Huff says Dodge’s 2023 Hornet SUV, an all-electric vehicle, and the Ram Revolution are also must-see cars at the auto show.

He’s hopeful that visitors leave the auto show impressed by everything that Jeep has to offer.

“Jeep stands apart to me because they have on road capabilities, looking very nice, luxurious and beautiful, but also have the ruggedness to go off road and handle the snow and ice of Northeastern Ohio,” Huff said.

For more information on how to visit the Cleveland Auto Show, go here.