CLEVELAND (WJW) – Community members rallied outside Akron City Hall Monday night in protest of the deadly police shooting of Jayland Walker.

The rally came just hours after funeral plans were announced for the 25-year-old, who was shot and killed by Akron Police during a pursuit two weeks ago.

“On behalf of the family, all they are asking is to give them 48 hours to bury, that’s all,” said Judy Hill with the NAACP Akron branch.

Hill said organized protests will cease until after Walker’s funeral at Akron’s Civic Theater Wednesday afternoon.

“Nobody wants this. So, for 48 hours, until Jayland’s body is laid to rest, they ask that we not protest, we don’t go to the streets and we won’t. For 48 hours, but I don’t want anyone to think that we should
stop,” said Hill.

Akron police maintain that Walker refused to pull over for a traffic stop on the morning of June 27 and then fired a shot from his car as he fled. The pursuing officers would later tell a supervisor that after the 25-year-old bailed out of his car and ran, they opened fire because they felt his movements indicated he posed a threat.

Eight police officers opened fire. Walker had more than 60 wounds to his body, the medical examiner reports. The Ohio State Bureau of Investigation is investigating. The officers are on routine administrative leave.

A gun and a loaded magazine were found in his car.

Earlier in the day, Walker’s family denounced what they say is Akron police violence against protestors and criticized the city for blaming Walker for his own death.

Walker’s family also called for the city’s curfew to be lifted. However, Mayor Horrigan announced Monday he reinstated the curfew from 11 p.m. until 5 a.m. after several violent nights in the city last week.

Meanwhile, an activist group called the Freedom Block called on Akron city officials to sit down with them for an emergency meeting within the next seven days.

“They have our demands. They have every organization that has written a demand. Now tell us what you are going to do, we are willing to listen,” said Hill.

Akron City Council leaders also announced they are calling for a city-wide Day of Mourning on Wednesday due to recent violence.