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**Warning: The police body cam footage seen above is disturbing.**

AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — Sunday afternoon, city officials finally released more details about the officer-involved shooting that took place nearly a week ago in Akron.

Jayland Walker, 25, was shot and killed by police just after midnight on Monday. During the press conference, Akron police chief Stephen Mylett said Walker was unarmed at the time of the shooting. The police department released two videos.

“I know this is a somber occasion for the city,” Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan told reporters, emphasizing that everyone in the community be patient as the investigation continues and urged for peace in the city.

The shooting is being investigated independently by agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Police said Walker fired a shot from his vehicle during a pursuit, and the first video in the press conference showed a possible muzzle flash of light at the same time as officers reportedly heard a shot coming from the vehicle.

Walker, who was reportedly wearing a ski mask at the time, then got out of his car from the passenger’s side while it was still running and fled from the officers.

A gun and bullet casing were later found in the vehicle, police said.

Akron police department photo

Chief Mylett admitted that in watching the police body cam shooting video, it is hard to determine what led officers to fire their weapons. He said in still photos of the footage, it appears Walker was reaching down to his waist.

The medical examiner had originally said he had “multiple gunshot wounds,” but Mylett said the medical examiner has confirmed more than 60 wounds on Walker’s body.

In a statement, the Fraternal Order of Police in Akron described the shooting as being “consistent with the use of force protocols and officers’ training.”

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost released a statement Sunday following the press conference:

“People want and deserve answers, and they shall have them. BCI will conduct a complete, fair and expert investigation,” Yost said. “Body-worn camera footage is just one view of the whole picture – before drawing conclusions, the full review must take place.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown also issued a statement Sunday evening:

“The death of Jayland Walker is a tragedy. The Walker family and the entire Akron community deserve a thorough and transparent investigation of why we are mourning yet another young, Black life cut short. This is every Black parent’s worst fear of what a traffic stop will turn into.”

Walker’s family, who did not speak to the media Sunday, has continued to ask for calm and peace as more is learned about the incident.

“We want peace. This family has had enough violence. We want dignity, we want to celebrate the life of this young man in a way that brings dignity to him and to the city and we want justice, which means a fair process, reviewing all the facts and let that process play out. We do not want violence of any kind,” the family’s Attorney Bobby DiCello said earlier this week.

DiCello continued those sentiments Sunday, speaking to media following the press conference as well. He said the shooting did not seem to be warranted.

Protests are planned throughout the weekend. Stay tuned to FOX 8 News for coverage.

**See more body cam footage below. Warning: Graphic.**


  • The family of Jayland Walker is present but they are not speaking to the press.
  • Two videos are going to be shown at the press conference, including the shooting itself.
  • Akron Mayor speaks first: “I know this is a somber occasion for the city.” He emphasized everyone in the community be patient as the investigation continues and urged for peace in the city.
  • Deputy Mayor for Intergovernmental Affairs Marco Sommerville spoke next, explaining how the investigation is being handled (outside and independent, Ohio BCI).
  • Chief Mylett, who has been at his job for 10 months, expressed his condolences to the family. “I cannot imagine what life would be like without my son,” he said. He then personally thanked them for asking peace from the community.
  • The first video showed Walker exited from his vehicle from the passenger side and that it was moving. He was reportedly wearing a ski mask at the time.
  • The second video started with the police car chase. Police can be heard saying a shot came from the vehicle they were chasing.
  • “There is no doubt this video is shocking,” the mayor said following the viewing.
  • “The damage of spreading misinformation can cause irrevocable harm,” Mylett said.
  • “We do not know that exact number of rounds fired,” Mylett said. “However based on the video, I expect that number to be high. Over 60 wounds on Walker’s body, the medical examiner confirms.”
  • Mylett confirmed Walker was unarmed at the time of the police shooting.
  • Akron officers reportedly went over to Walker following the shooting to give him medical attention, Mylett said.
  • Mylett admitted the shooting video is hard to determine what led to the officers to shoot. He said in still photos of the footage, it appears Walker was reaching down to his waist.
  • Mylett said his department goes above and beyond when it comes to firearm training.
  • “I’m not passing judgement on the decisions my officers made,” Mylett said.
  • More body camera footage is going to be released, including what happened after the shooting itself.
  • Family Attorney Bobby DiCello said he saw the unedited video of the shooting. Walker was reportedly handcuffed after he was shot.