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(WJW) — Akron-native LeBron James sent a message to the city just before Sunday’s press conference on the death of Jayland Walker who was shot and killed by police just after midnight on Monday.

“Prayers for my city today,” he tweeted.

During the press conference, Akron police chief Stephen Mylett said Walker was unarmed at the time of the shooting. The police department released two police body cam footage.

Police said Walker fired a shot from his vehicle during a pursuit. Walker was wearing a ski mask when he got out of his car and started running. Chief Stephen Mylett said when he turned, he “posed a threat,” so officers opened fire.

The medical examiner said he had multiple gunshot wounds, but is still determining the exact number of shots that were fired or how many shots hit Walker.

A large crowd of demonstrators gathered to march in Akron on Sunday afternoon. They began at Quaker Station leading to a rally at Akron City Hall.

The shooting is being investigated by agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.