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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — An attorney for the family of Jayland Walker, who was killed in a police-involved shooting, is calling for the names of 8 officers that opened fire to be released and said, “We are going to hold them accountable for every single bullet that they fired in this case.”

The comment came during a Wednesday press conference that followed the funeral of the 25 year-old.

“In the coming day, we are going to issue our formal proposals for how we feel the prosecution of these officers should go forward,” said Attorney Bobby Dichello.

City officials have not released the names of officers involved citing concerns for their safety.

“There have been bounties placed on police officers’ heads,” said Mayor Horrigan during a previous press conference. ““There has been threats against myself, my family, my home.” 

The funeral service for Jayland Walker was held at Akron Civic Theatre and was attended by several religious leaders, family members, and supporters.

“We can not make the deaths of our sons and daughters at such an early age the normal thing. There is nothing normal about this,” proclaimed Bishop Timothy Clarke of First Church of God in Columbus. “There is nothing right about this. We should not be here and Jayland should not be in that box.”

Jayland’s cousin spoke during the funeral.

On the day of his funeral, Akron City Council leaders called for a city-wide Day of Mourning due to recent violence.

Following the police killing of Walker on June 27, 26-year-old Chelsey Jones was killed by celebratory gunfire in Akron on July 4th.

Friday night in Akron, 4-year-old Journey Tolbert and 40-year-old Johnny L. Gaiter were killed when someone fired shots into a crowd in the 700 block of Princeton St.

A curfew in the city remains in place from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. The curfew comes after several protests took place in the city following the release of officer-involved body camera video.

Jayland Walker’s death

Walker was killed by Akron police on June 27. Police said they tried to stop him for a minor traffic violation. That led to a pursuit, in which they say Walker fired a shot from his car. Walker eventually got out and ran on foot. Akron police say they perceived a threat.

8 police officers opened fire. Walker had more than 60 wounds to his body, the medical examiner reports. The Ohio State Bureau of Investigation is investigating. The officers are on routine administrative leave.