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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Betting on sporting events in Ohio will soon be catching up with sports gambling meccas like Las Vegas.

The JACK Cleveland Casino downtown is unveiling its new sports book, which will open on Jan. 1 at 12:01 a.m., as will a number of sports betting locations across Ohio.

“In December of last year, the legislature passed the sports betting bill, which authorized sports wagering in the State of Ohio. That allowed companies like JACK Entertainment to open retail sports books like this, and also offer online sports betting via our mobile application called betJACK,” said Adam Suliman, senior vice president of JACK Entertainment Sports and Digital.

When it opens, the sports book at the casino will have five cashiers taking bets, and 20 self-service sports betting kiosks. The operators of the casino are bullish on the Cleveland sports betting market, and they believe there’s an appetite for betting on more than just the score.

“Who’s going to win the first quarter? What are the total points in the half? Which player is going to have the most rushing yards? Who’s going to have the most passing yards? Those are all bets that are available now,” said Suliman.

For less experienced bettors who would just like to learn more, the casino has launched a mobile app, called “betJACK Training Camp,” where you can place bets, without worrying about losing any money.

Though you cannot place any real bets on sports in Ohio until Jan. 1, visitors to JACK Cleveland Casino can visit the new sports book starting on Wednesday. The operators of the casino are expecting a big crowd for the launch.

“On Jan. 1, we’ve got a lot of big NFL games going on — that’s a Sunday. And then the following day, we’ve got some big bowl games going on as well in the NCAA, so it’s going to a busy week for us here,” said Suliman.

If you have a gambling problem, there’s plenty of help available. Here is a list of state resources.