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CLEVELAND (WJW) – With the Super Bowl just days away, the JACK Casino is offering special promotions for people interested in betting on the big game.

“Super excited to host a whole bunch of fans here in the Sportsbook,” JACK Entertainment Senior Vice President of Sports and Digital Adam Suliman said. “We expect it to be completely packed.”

Suliman views the Super Bowl as a great starting point for people who are new to betting, especially with all the opportunities to win big money on special prop bets catered to the game.

“My favorite is one that we’re offering exclusively,” he said. “It’s a Bet JACK special. It’s called the Ohio MVP, so if anyone from the state of Ohio wins the MVP, then you win your bet.”

That bet would pay 12-to-one odds if Travis Kelce or Frank Clark were to steal the show and win Most Valuable Player. There are also more than 800 prop bets currently available.

“One of my favorite ones is called the octopus bet,” Suliman said. “So, if you’ve got any player that scores a touchdown and the two-point conversion, then you win that one.”

Most of the prop bets are based on player performance or scoring lines for the game, and most can be combined into a parlay, creating countless possibilities.

Suliman expects it to be very busy at the casino on Super Bowl Sunday, so he recommends downloading the Bet Jack App – which has a promo offer for signing up.

“Download it, you deposit $50 and we will give you $100 in a bonus bet that you can bet on anything you like,” he said.

If you don’t want the app, you can place bets at the kiosks within the JACK Casino or with the attendants. They also have several food and beverage options on site.

Suliman expects the environment to be electric, especially since this is the first Super Bowl since sports betting became legal in Ohio.

“I expect both places will be full of energy and, frankly, I’m not sure there’s going to be a better place to watch the big game than this,” he said.

Some other states allow additional prop bets on things like the coin toss or the color of the sports drink that’s poured on the winning coach, but those bets are not legal in the state of Ohio.