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CLEVELAND (WJW) — A fast growing trend that is based on an old idea and extremely popular abroad comes to Cleveland in a big way! It’s called a Silent Disco.

While about 75% of people aren’t sure what it is, nearly 100% of those who try it absolutely love it.

“It’s like a party within yourself; that’s exactly what it is: your own personal party,” said Jade Branch, repeat Silent Discoer.

“We were watching the people and we’re like, ‘they look really dumb,’”said Laura Steinken, first time Silent Discoer, “But it was so fun, when you put the headphones on because you don’t hear anything but the music.

Jerry Sabol and DJ Anthony MacKay with JSabol Entertainment recently ran one of the biggest Silent Discos in Cleveland during Beerfest and gave Fox 8 cameras exclusive access to this very unusual dance party.

“It’s phenomenal. Once you put those headphones on everything else goes away,” said Jerry Sabol.

And because no words can adequately describe a Silent Disco, watch this report and see how feet start moving, people start singing and inhibitions fall by the wayside as soon as people put on the headphones.

“I have to literally say, ‘hey, this is my last song’ and turn everything off to get them to leave the dance floor,” said Anthony MacKay. 

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