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ALLIANCE, Ohio (WJW) – The Alliance Police Department says some new technology of theirs might go a long way in improving emergency response times.

The new device is called “Live911” and it was created by HigherGround, a manufacturing company. Alliance Police Sgt. Michael Yarian is calling it a game changer. 

Its mission is simple.

“It gets us there quicker, to be able to assess the situation and it’s a lot less waiting time for us to get there,” Yarian said.

To do so, Yarian says they will be bringing the dispatch center right into a patrol car for the first time. 

In the past, Alliance police have had to wait for their dispatch team to send them to an emergency.

Now, officers will be able to listen to 911 calls as they happen, have a GPS device plug in an address as soon as it becomes available and allow officers to react in real time. 

“The minute I heard the address, I headed in that direction. Just hearing that and waiting for dispatch gets me going to that call a heck of a lot quicker,” said Yarian. 

But, how much faster could this make the average response time?

“It’s huge. It’s huge,” Yarian said. “It will cut our response time probably in half or more.”

In some cases, that extra time could be life changing, which Yarian says is a good feeling for every officer on their force. 

“To be able to help our community and to just maybe increase the trust that they have in us that we are going to be there,” he said.