***Warning: Some of the footage above may be disturbing to some viewers.***

CANTON, Ohio (WJW) — As demonstrators in Akron continue to protest the police-involved shooting death of Jayland Walker, another Northeast Ohio family is hoping their case will not be forgotten.

James Williams, 46, was shot and killed by a Canton police officer while firing celebratory shots into the air on New Year’s Eve. Marquetta Williams says she knows exactly what Jayland Walker’s family is going through and joins them in their fight for justice.

But at the same time, she also does not want the case of her husband, who also lost his life at the hands of police, to be swept under the rug.

Family, friends and community leaders gathered in front of the Stark County Courthouse Saturday to remember Williams. The father of six was shot and killed by a Canton police officer just minutes after midnight Jan. 1, while firing gunshots into the air to ring in the new year.

“We’re out here today because we don’t want this to get swept underneath the rug, we don’t want nobody to forget what happened,” said the victim’s widow, Marquetta Williams.

Disturbing bodycam video shows Officer Robert Huber walk up to the home on 10th Street Southwest after hearing gunshots coming from behind a wooden fence. The video then shows the officer open fire through the fence before identifying himself as a Canton police officer.

WJW photo

“Shots fired, shots fired! Police, get down!” Huber is heard yelling on the bodycam video.

“I feel that it’s being thrown under the rug, I do feel like it’s being forgotten … of course when something else happens, it does take attention off of whatever other things are going on, so that is another reason why we wanted to do the vigil to keep the spotlight on him as well,” said Williams.

Marquetta Williams says she does not want to take away any attention from the shooting death of 25-year-old Jayland Walker. According to the Summit County medical examiner, Walker was shot 46 times by eight Akron police officers after a chase in the early morning hours of June 27.

“As soon as I heard about the Jayland Walker incident, I was one of the first to go up there, I probably been up there about every day since this has been going on, I’ve been up there protesting with them as well,” said Williams.

Williams’ widow tells FOX 8, she has reached out to the Walker family since they are dealing with similar tragedies.

“It’s hard on us, we’re still angry, sad, still devastated,” she said.

In April, the Williams family filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against Huber and the Canton police department. Marquetta Williams says state agents with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations completed their investigation into the incident in May, but have not released results to her family.

In court documents, the city maintains Huber, who has since returned to work, acted in self-defense.