Editor’s Note: The video above was recently taken at the zoo.

CLEVELAND (WJW) – It’s a girl! The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced Wednesday that the baby Western lowland gorilla born last month is a female.

She is just the second gorilla born at the zoo in its 141 years.

The baby was born to mom, Kebi Moyo (32), and dad, Mokolo (36.)

The zoo says Kebi Moyo is “doing a great job being a mom” and “holding that baby tight.”

They say the baby “won’t be off mom anytime soon.”

Mothers typically carry their infants for about 6 months, the Smithsonian says.

Babies can crawl and ride on their mothers’ backs at 3 months old and may continue to ride on their mom until age 4.

The little girl doesn’t have a name yet. The zoo says a naming contest will be announced.

This is the second gorilla fathered by Mokolo. His first, Kayembe, was born in October 2021. 

The gorilla troop has been enjoying the weather, zoo officials say.

They say if it’s above 85 or below 60 you can find them in the indoor habitat.

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