CLEVELAND (WJW) — SkyFox is the only way we can truly show you the number of cars lining up to get into the Muni Lot. All of them waited to get a chance to grab a donated Thanksgiving meal from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. 

Some, like Elenor Watson, waited in line for hours to pick up a meal for another family in need.

“It’s a blessing from the Lord. That’s what it is. It’s truly a blessing,” Watson said.

Others, like Thomas Hine, waited to help provide this special meal for his family.

“It’s a good feeling. Everybody gets together and you get to have a nice meal together,” Hine said.

With the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Karen Pozna says this is one of her favorite days of the year. 

That’s because this donation drive will provide meals to around 5,000 families in the area.

“To see first-hand who is getting this food, the smile on their faces, to see how grateful they are… It’s just really touches me,” Pozna said. 

By the end of the day, around 5,000 frozen turkeys and thousands of pounds of other donated items will be handed out. Those are numbers to be proud of but also, serve as a reminder of the need in town.

The Cleveland Food Bank wanted to credit Huntington National Bank for providing a $50,000 donation for this drive.

Pozna specifically wanted to thank the more than 100 volunteers who helped them on Thursday.