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OHIO (AP/WJW) — This Feb. 22, the world hits an unprecedented milestone. It’s the date itself: 2/22/22. And this so-called “Twosday” falls on a Tuesday, no less.

According to the National Weather Service, a “Twosday” like this won’t happen again until 2422 — 400 years from now.

It’s true the number pattern stands out, impossible to miss. But does it mean anything?

“Twosday” carries absolutely no historical significance or any cosmic message.

Twosday isn’t the only date with a striking pattern. This century alone has had a couple Onesdays (1/11/11 and 11/11/11), and 11 other months with repetitions such as 01/01/01, 06/06/06 and 12/12/12. We’ll hit Threesday, 3/3/33, in 11 years, and Foursday 11 years after that.

Twosday 2022 is actually part of an eight-day palindrome. A palindrome is when a phrase or sequence reads the same way backward and forward.

Even Google is getting in on the fun. When users search “2/22/22,” confetti and a “Happy Twosday 2 You!” message pops up on the screen.