TALLMADGE, Ohio (WJW) – Scott Melvin says he bought a friend’s 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS more than a year ago, intending to one day return the car to his friend who was at the time diagnosed with ALS.

“This guy put his heart into this car. His family helped him, his neighbors helped him. I mean, it was a community project for a guy who really deserved it and really worked hard for his family,” said an emotional Melvin on Wednesday.

The car was kept in a trailer on Melvin’s business property in Tallmadge where so few people even knew he had it that his daughter, with whom he is very close, says she still has not seen the car in person.

“I barely knew he had it. That’s how few people he told he even had it,” said Clarissa Melvin.

The Chevelle, nicknamed “Lucy,” was only taken out of the trailer for his friend Joe Tasich’s funeral last Thursday at the family’s request.

“It was a hard day starting up that car and sitting in there and looking around” said Melvin.

“Lucy” was returned to the trailer and Melvin’s business where a security camera caught the image of a pickup truck apparently casing the property about 9:30 a.m. on Easter Sunday.

At 3 a.m. on Monday, the camera captured what appears to be the same truck returning to the property where two men spend about a half hour there before hitching the trailer to the truck and driving off with the trailer, with the Chevelle inside.

“When it was lost, I was devastating. No monetary thoughts came into my head at all, just how important that car was to Joe and his family and it was entrusted to me and I lost it and I felt horrible,” said Melvin.

The theft was immediately reported to police.

Clarissa says her father also called her with the heartbreaking news and asked her if she would go to social media to try and spread the word within the close-knit racing community, hoping to get ‘Lucy’ back.

“I know that word spreads fast, especially when you mess with a racing family. I knew it would blow up so I’ve never had a post shared that many times. It was shared maybe 2,000 times which is insane,” said Clarissa.

By midnight on Monday, less than 18 hours after the car was stolen, Melvin says he got a call from police notifying him that they received a tip from a caller in New Franklin where the trailer was left to stay for a few days.

The caller apparently was among those who saw the post on social media and did not want to be involved in the crime.

“I broke down when I got the call from police. I couldn’t believe it. No, I believed it because I believe that good things happen to good people,” said Melvin.

Tallmadge police tell FOX 8 that they have suspects, but as of Wednesday evening, no one has been arrested.

In the meantime, “Lucy” has been returned to Melvin’s property.

“It’s nice to have her back. I tell you what, not my car. Hey, the title is in my name, but it’s not my car. It will always be Joe’s car.”

Melvin says a celebration of life and fundraiser for Tasich’s family is being planned for next month at Quaker City Motorsports Dragway in Salem, where many will see “Lucy” racing for the very first time with Clarissa at the wheel.