CLEVELAND (WJW/AP) – A huge upset!

The Cleveland Browns pulled off a win over the undefeated San Francisco 49ers.

Former Browns’ Running Back Greg Pruitt said it was a sloppy game on both sides, but a win is a win.

“They had every reason to believe they were going to come in and just run over us,” said Pruitt.

The 49ers were heavy favorites at the start of the week, and their odds only grew when the Browns ruled out quarterback Deshaun Watson for the second week in a row with a bruised right shoulder.

“We put it together and sometimes you win something everybody don’t expect you to win,” said Pruitt. “That’s one of the things you do in order to get into the playoffs, and hey, maybe a couple weeks from now we are sitting here saying ‘I can’t believe they’re going to the Super Bowl.’ I hope so.”

But, the Browns have a long way to go and still lots of uncertainty around the future health of Watson.

“(P.J.) Walker he got through it. He made some mistakes that young guys make. I thought a couple of times he should have pulled the ball down and ran rather than throw the football,” reviewed Pruitt. “But, that will come.”

In the Browns’ favor, they came out of this game with few additional injuries as they prepare to take on the Indianapolis Colts next week.

“That’s one of the big things for us, we got to keep, keep people healthy,” said Pruitt. “A lot of teams have been hurt by injuries, and Indy is one of them, but it’s a game we need to win to make this win an even bigger win for us. Because when you look at the division, we lost to two division folks, we’ve got to have a better record than that.”

In a video showing an after-game celebration and pep talk, Coach Stefanksi appears to give the team Monday off from practice. A call Pruitt questions.

“You don’t change your routine. Maybe it’s kind of like a reward for winning, but you eliminate guys going out not making good decisions when they should be at practice,” said Pruitt.

The Browns (3-2) take on the Colts (3-3) in Indianapolis on Sunday at 1 p.m.