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TWINSBURG, Ohio (WJW) – A fifth grade student is being praised a hero for helping to prevent a bus crash.

Sujaan Singh, 11, was on bus 44 Thursday with several of his Twinsburg City Schools’ Dodge Intermediate classmates when he noticed the driver was having a medical issue.

“I saw the bus driver coughing a lot and twitching his hands and he passes out,” Singh told FOX 8. “We were going for the trees so I got up and moved his leg and hit the brake. I knew I had to do this to save my life and save other people or everybody could have  died, including me. So I had to do it.”

The incident happened on Morley Drive in Reminderville. Police and school officials say the bus jumped a curb before stopping short of hitting a streetlight.

“It’s one of those situations that could have been horrible but we have a hero that came out of it,” said Reminderville Police Lt. Jamie Siegfried. “It’s amazing. Sujaan did an amazing job. He got the bus to stop before a crash happened.”

The driver was taken to the hospital for treatment.

“A person named DJ, he is my friend, he opened the emergency door and everybody ran out,” Singh said.

Singh waited with the bus driver. A construction worker, who was in the area, helped Singh and the driver get out of the bus. EMS took the driver to the hospital for treatment.

Singh’s principal, Reggie Holland, says he is extremely proud of Singh and all the students.

“I watched the video from the bus and it was actually incredible,” Holland said.

While many are calling Singh a hero, he disagrees.

“I am just hoping our bus driver is OK,” Singh said.