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CLEVELAND– Frustrations are growing over problems with snow removal that started on Super Bowl Sunday. The FOX 8 I-Team has been looking into this for days now.

The I-Team reported Monday that there have been numerous sightings of city trucks not using their plows on snow-covered streets; that’s prompted some residents to complain to council members that the workers appear to be poorly trained or fishing for overtime.

Records obtained by the I-Team reveal that nearly half of the city’s fleet of snow plows are broken down, in direct conflict with the picture painted by Cleveland’s Director of Public Works, Mike Cox, who has said, “We know the snow was coming; we had our fleet ready.”

Monday night, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson acknowledged to FOX 8’s Kevin Freeman that there are things the City of Cleveland could have done better. Mayor Jackson told Kevin they are reviewing their procedures and will determine what changes need to be made. The mayor also acknowledged that the city’s plow fleet is aging and hopes council will pass a bond issue to allow $20 million to be used to get new vehicles.

Meantime, the I-Team obtained new figures showing Cleveland has a growing problem with broken-down snow plows. Bill Sheil takes a look at that in the video below.

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