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TULSA, Okla. — Police in Tulsa are searching for a man who allegedly burglarized a flower shop while accompanied by a young child.

KTUL reports that it happened Jan. 7 at an East Tulsa florist shop, and it was caught on surveillance video.

“It’s disturbing,” said Officer Danny Bean. “You see a man…I don’t know if it’s his child or not, we don’t know that…but he brings a very young child who is obviously disturbed at it, and you can tell she kind of gets worried, and she’s trying to find him, and she’s running around trying to find him.”

It took the man several minutes until he finally found a way into the store. He got away with only a toolbox.

“What the gentleman took was of no real value,” said the store owner, Trey Benton. “Just some tools we’ve accumulated over the last 30 years.”

His concern was for the little girl.

“As a father, seeing how he treated a child, that he would even bring along with him during this incident,” said Benton.

The girl is seen dutifully following the man around, and several times she reached for him, but the man almost sees right through her.

“It just broke my heart seeing how many times that child reached up to her daddy, I’m assuming,” said Benton. “It was really troubling.”

As the two walk off into a grassy field, the man acknowledges the little girl, picking her up and carrying her off.

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