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ALCATRAZ ISLAND, CA – In 1962, brothers John and Clarence Anglin and fellow Alcatraz inmate Frank Morris  grabbed makeshift paddles and set off on an escape raft  made of stolen raincoats into the waters of San Francisco Bay.

To give themselves time to escape, they put some very realistic-looking dummy heads they’d made out of papier-mâché and human hair from the prison barber shop in their bunks. Prison officials have always maintained that the men drowned, keeping alive the “no escapees ever” legend of the island prison.

But now members of the Anglin family are working with authorities to find out if indeed, the men survived the harrowing trip and survived years afterwards…and may even still be alive today. Alcatraz: Search for the Truth, a History Channel special about to air here in the US, looks into this mysterious case.

Two of the Anglin’s nephews say they have come forward with what they say is new evidence, including Christmas cards and a photo that may prove the Anglins were alive in the 1970’s, possibly in South America. The nephews say they waited to come forward because they were harassed by the FBI for so long. But they were hoping to solve the mystery before their mother, the Anglin’s sister, died.

If the men are alive, they’d be in their mid-80’s right now.

Read more about this here.  And watch the preview of the special in the video box, above.