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JAMAICA — A very cool trick or too good to be true?

That is what the internet is trying to figure out.

Morgan Evick tweeted a video from a resort in Jamaica that shows a boy come down a water slide, skim across the water, and walk out of the pool and adjust his swim shirt like it was no big deal. He did give himself a round of applause.

The video was posted Sunday evening and by Tuesday morning it had more than 60,000 retweets and 104,000 likes.

After her post went viral, Evick said, “I needa find this dude at the resort later and let him know he’s twitter famous.”

One person responded to the tweet saying “I’ve been here watching this video for an hour trynna figure out how he did that so smooth like.”

Another posted a GIF of Beyonce blinking with the words, “What in the physics.”

“He’s like Jesus,” another person wrote.

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