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AVON LAKE, Ohio — It’s no secret that dogs will eat just about anything, and with cicadas coming back to town, some pet owners are a little worried.

They want to make sure those noisy bugs aren’t poisonous.

Fortunately, they’re not.

Dr. Frank Krupka from the Avon Lake Animal Clinic said cicadas are harmless.

“It’s really not a risk. It’s a big crunchy bug. Our reptiles eat lots of bugs as a part of their standard diet, so if your dog grabs one, it’s not going to be a problem,” he explained. “If they chew on it, it’s not going to cause any caustic legions in their mouth or any GI issues, crunchy shell — they’re just going to have to pass that shell.”

He said the bigger concern they have right now are with mosquitoes and ticks. Those insects can carry deadly diseases.

So just watch your dog a little more carefully as the temps continue to rise.