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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO-TV) — A Bettendorf, Iowa, man was arrested after authorities say he placed Apple AirTags on a victim’s car to stalk them.

Carl Steven Shawver, 63, was arrested and charged with stalking and unauthorized use of GPS early Saturday morning.

According to court records, on Dec. 5 the victim located an AirTag sitting on top of the spare tire after their phone alerted them that their travels were being tracked with a GPS device. West Des Moines Police took the AirTag and placed it into evidence at the station.

The next day Shawver arrived at the West Des Moines Police Station in search of the victim, who he claimed he was married to, according to an affidavit. Shawver told officers that he had placed the AirTag on the victim’s car because he believed the victim was having an affair at the station, which is why he was at the station looking for them, according to court records.

A second AirTag was found on the victim’s vehicle on Dec. 7 after they were once again notified by their phone that their movements were being tracked. West Des Moines Police officers found the AirTag placed in a wallet and inside a plastic sandwich bag sitting on top of the spare tire.

Carl Shawver (West Des Moines Police)

After the second AirTag was discovered, the victim was notified again of being tracked and took their vehicle to a mechanic shop to utilize a car lift to search for the device. A third AirTag was located on the car’s sub frame near the front passenger tire wrapped in plastic and in a plastic case.

According to court records, an officer with the West Des Moines Police Department placed all the AirTags into evidence, and when doing so saw Shawver in his vehicle in the station’s parking lot. The officer later conducted a traffic stop on Shawver and during the stop Shawver told the officer that he and the victim had agreed to meet at the station, court records state.

Despite Shawver telling police that he and the victim were married, the two never had a relationship and the victim had blocked Shawver from calling and messaging them, court records said.

Shawver is being held in the Polk County Jail on a $3,000 bond and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 19.